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I am organised, responsible with lots of experience especially with babies and toddlers. I used to be a full time nanny but the last year I have been enjoying taking temporary bookings and have worked for many new families of different backgrounds.

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Angelika is very attentive and caring. My 2 boys were nervous after moving here from abroad, they took to her immediately and it takes a lot to do that. She takes initiative and is on top of things. Many sitters just sit around, but Angelika is constantly playing, always paying attention and overall she's a gorgeous person. They play a lot of board games, she asks then to show her what they are working on at school and they color a lot. They do whatever they have available at the time. She is good at doing the essential things first and then enjoy their time, especially watch a movie; my kids love it, because she actually sits down and watches it with them. She keeps me updated throughout the day by sending me texts and that is very important to me.
Carrie R
She looked after my two kids. She is very calm, punctual, kind, and responsive. She really understands children and she pre-amps what they need. I can say that she is beyond reliable and I fully trust her with my children. You can tell she is an experienced sitter as follows my instructions, but also comes prepared with other activities for the children. When she looks after them they do arts, go to the playground, library and do a lot of reading. Angelika knows how to keep them entertained and stimulated at the same time by her creative and gentle approach.
Rebecca C
English, Greek, Italian, Spanish
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):