About me

Hello, I'm Erin! I am a confident bubbly fun person who loves working with children. I have great time keeping skills and aim to try my best at everything i do.

References for Erin

She's a bubbly person - very trustworthy and reliable.  At nursery, whe was the key worker for my child and she is easily able to build a rapport because she's always very affectionate.  For babysitting, I am absolutely happy to have her babysit for me so that shows how much confidence I have in her in her ability and having her in my home.

Lynsey H

Erin is very kind, very loving, an open personality.  We've known her for a year and a half.  She's very loving to the kids and is very exciting for them to be with - she's very playful.  She's been a central figure in our daughter's life, both at nursery and with private babysitting.  I'd absolutely recommend her.

Shannon L
Other Certifications:
Birth and Beyond training, Safegaurding training, First Aid training
English, French (basic)
Nanny and babysitter
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):