About me

I am a friendly, bubbly and enthusiastic person who is hardworking and thrives when working with children. I have worked both in a school environment and a home environment as a full time nanny to two children.

References for Leanna

Leanna is lovely, she is always very positive, reliable, on time and uses her own initiative. We never had to worry or say anything to her, she is very smart. We have nothing but positive things to say about her. She did colouring, baking, took them to the park, played lego/toys/games, did arts and crafts. Very lovely and matured young lady and I felt very safe leaving the children with her. She was very comfortable when other kids came in for playdates, which was an added bonus.

Morag L

Leanna worked with us for many months. It was a very busy household and she dealt with it without any issues.She was very matured and responsible. She managed the children and set boundaries when needed.She was good also on the food side, healthy meals for all the kids, which was great! Leanna is very hands-on,she changed the nappies, fed the baby. She  has a lovely personality, genuine,relaible, good presence, good heart, consistent and with a sensible head on her shoulders. The kids just ended up falling in love with her. She became part of the family. She took them to the park, read, arts and crafts and always ensured they were safe.  She is very efficient and she is best I've ever seen as she was able to manage the extrict routine for all three kids..

Jane S
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):