About me

I have over seven years experience looking after children. I have looked after newborns up to teenagers. Knowledge is very important to me and I have obtained numerous certificates in order to deliver a great babysitting experience. I am reliable and very serious about my job, as I am aware of the high responsibility it involves. I think is key that as child carer you have the trust of both parents and children. Therefore, I always do my best to communicate effectively to both of them and listen to their needs.

References for Elena

Elena is absolutely fantastic. She has been with us for six years and it has been a great experience. I have three children (14, 11 and 5), she looks after all of them and takes them all to different schools. She takes them to the park, does drawing and painting activities and lego with my small one. I have recommended her to my friends and our trust is such, that we leave her with the children for the weekend whenever we need to travel. Elena is calm, caring, sensitive, punctual and very reliable.

Jennifer .

She worked as a night maternity nurse for a week old baby and stayed with us for 8 weeks. Elena is reliable and took good care of the baby. I had total trust in Elena as she is very experienced in the field and very rigurous person. Elena is reliable, has a solid character and a person one can count on without a doubt.

Florence .
Other Certifications:
BA Fine Arts , MA Photography, Post-natal Maternity Nurse Care – Level 3, Baby Massage Certificate, Breastfeeding skills for preterm and multiple babies- OCN Accredited, Sleep Training- OCN Accredited
English, Italian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):