About me

I enjoy my work with children. I like to observe how they develop and learn. I can say I am a happy and easy going person. Children are very important to me and I work hard to give them a great environment to be around. I love learning languages and learning about other cultures.

References for Yuliya

She looked after children in a childminder setting - up to 9 children. She is very responsible and a person that I could rely on, She is very good and manages very well her duties. We worked very well together. We worked on different activities depending on the age of the child. We organised arts and crafts, went to the park or for work n material in order to help the children develop their learning skills. We tried to cover topics related to the learning stages Yuliya has many years of experience and she is very capable in a team, school, nursery and as a private nanny.
Desi D
Yuliya has been looking after my 8 year old son for 3 years now. She is very nice, patient and shows a lot of empathy. My son is not very easy and gets frustrated when he can't articulate his feelings or what he wants. Yuliya has been able to calmly help him by explaining things very well and calming him down. She is excellent! She picks him up from school and takes him to the after school clubs and every-so-often, they go to the park to play football and basketball. She taught him how to play basketball. This is the 3rd year she has been with us taking care of him and I wish we had her a lot more often.
Anne G
Other Certifications:
Early Years Child Care in progress
English, Bulgarian, French
Nursery nurse
Special Skills:
I have a bit of knowledge of music and playing piano, which usually help creating activities related with music. I enjoy planning art and craft activities for children.
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):