About me

I'm reliable, thoughtful, energetic and trustworthy. I am a very happy person and enjoy working hard. I have a great love/passion for working with children and have a natural connection with them. I like to coordinate with the parents and help out in all I can.

References for Marta

Marta looks after my 5 year old son. She is very calm, nice, smiley, easy going and has been great for the last 10 months. She normally looks after him after school and prepares tea, gets him ready for bed, prepares his uniform, etc. Marta keeps him busy by playing with legos, drawing, building things, playing with magnets and other toys. During half term they organised picnic, outdoor activities and outings. She was very positive and I really like that! I am having my second child and she is always there to help.
Marianne S
She is very good, open, great social skills and amazing at looking after kids. Marta established a great relationship with the parent. She was always flexible and willing to help me as I traveled a lot and at times, she was at home at 5 am until late night. She loved spending time with my son and took him to development classes, football and introduced him to solids.
Aleksandra S
English, Polish
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):