About me

I am a responsible childcare professional. I am confident to work independently with children of all ages. I have great communication skills, hence the reason why I enjoy working with children and build a great relationship with them. I like to engage the kids in different activities and also keep the parent informed of their development.

References for Sade

Sade is just amazing! She is sweet, punctual and reliable. She looks after my 2 children (8 and 4) and it started when they were in nursery and she became our nanny. I wish she stays with us forever, she is great at her job. She does all kinds of activities with my kids - colouring, painting, outdoors activities, etc. My kids could not be in better hands, to be honest. She is great with kids and it's very safe to leave the kids with her.
Brar D
Sade is a good babysitting. She is calm and very engaged with the children and this is why I use her regularly. She is very interactive and gets pleasure of being around children. She copes very well with them. At home, she plays with them, gets them ready for bed and reads them storis. She is very handy and reliable.
Karen *
Other Certifications:
Heuristic Play and Treasure Basket, COSHH Awareness
Professional nanny
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):