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I have always enjoyed spending time with children, playing with them and make them entertain and I love to see them smiling and happy. My experience with children ranges from 8 months year to 12 years old. I am very energetic and nurturing. I understand as children grow they need attention, reassurance and guidance to encourage and foster their development. During 5 years taking care of kids I have gained experience as changing nappies,feeding,bathing,clothing, preparing meals, cleaning,helping with homework, preparing for nap, bed times, maintaining a safe and loving environment and most importantly make children happy. I think about myself that I am very active,energetic, friendly, confident, sensitive, caring, responsible, trustworthy and kind person.I am trying to be most of the time positive and I like to build a friendly relationship with all people around me.I have a great love and compassion when it comes to children and love to see them grow up and guide them through it. I would like to have that opportunity to be a positive role model as well as the privilege to be apart of your child/children's everyday life experiences. Having me as a nanny would mean a lot of activities and playing. I am young at heart and love to play with children using my creativity and my easygoing way, always having the aim of teaching them something and having fun in the same time. My experiences has allowed me to have a confidence being with children and also helped me achieve skills in organizing and planning whilst still being adaptable and flexible.

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Kamila is very energetic!  She came with us for three weeks to Denmark as a nanny-housekeeper.  We have three children, 3 boys and she was very good at the energetic side of things, helping to burn off excess energy.  She played sports with them, did puzzles, cooked breakfast - everything really to look after them.  I'd have absolutely no concerns over having her as a babysitter.  She's very reliable and good with children.

Elly H
English, Czech
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):