About me

I am a vibrant and dynamic individual with a real passion for working with children. I work as a SEN Teaching assistant and love interacting with young people and helping them develop and blossom. I love to play and engage children in new activities and am able to challenge difficult behaviours when necessary.

I am an avid runner and enjoy fitness as well as being a filmmaker and actress so I'm very motivated by the arts and culture scene in London! 

References for Cassandra

She has been amazing. Cassie is generous, smart, lively, kind, thoughtful and very reliable. She's just great! She has been with us for three years and always keeps my son busy. They play boardgames, do many theatre games and park visits. 

Rebecca C

Cassie is brilliant! She has a lot of energy and great with kids. She reads my son stories, as she's an actress, it's such a good element. Cassie is very creative and ia always making things. M son is very energetic and sheis very supportive and knows how to keep him busy. She has my full trust and she has staid overnight to look after him.

Hellen K
Other Certifications:
SEN Teaching Assistant
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