About me

I enjoy being around children. I always love listening to what they have to say and coming into their world. I am an artistic person and never bored of creating and sharing. I feel their love and give it back as they were my own children.
Being a nanny is being part of a familly and a pillar of the children's well being, It's giving a part of yourself requiring patience, responsibilities and trust.

References for Romane

Romane is a great person and is still looking after my twin boys. She takes the to al their activities like swimming, karate and football. She picks them from school, helps with their homeworks and prepares tea. She is reliable, honest, friendly and open.

Sarah W

Romane looked after my teo kids for a year and it was a very positive experience. She honest , good fun and calm around the children. She normally planned days out with them to keep them entertained and anything we asked her to do.

Maria G
English, French
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):