About me

Hello, I'm a Kiwi nanny with four years experience nannnying in New Zealand and London. I love getting involved with play and educational play. I'm fun but firm and fairly relaxed. I'm big on healthy food, happy to take children out for activities. I'm confident with all ages. I'm bubbly and sociable.

References for Jessica

Jessica is fantastic!  I've known her for four months and I've found her to be very caring.  She just gets on with everything, with a very "can do" attitude.  She's a real pleasure to have around the place.  She's got a good manner and gains the respect of our children.  I really would recommend her.

Louise S

Jess has looked after my girls for a couple of months.  I think she's really lovely, very nice to the girls.  From a mother's perspective, she's sensible and thinks about things.  I've had nannies for a while now and the challenge is finding somebody, not only that the girls like, but also who can help me out.  I wish we could've had her for longer.

Sheridan L
Special Skills:
Multiple children and children with special dietary requirements. Also mental and physcial disabilities. Worked with twins and newborns.
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):
New borns