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Hello, I'm Paula. I am a well-mannered, articulate and responsible nanny with a great deal of experience and interest in children and their development. A confident child carer, I am emotionally mature and possess high energy levels and an ability to develop close relationships with child and family. I possess excellent communication skills and I'm able to relate well with people at all levels and converse in a polite and courteous manner. I'm able to work to an excellent standard under considerable pressure whilst presenting a positive image to others.

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Paula has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she is incredibly reliable, never late nor sick and very flexible with her schedule.  I travel for work and have no family near so Paula also stayed overnight and took care of my precious child.  As my daughter has grown from a small baby to attending classes, making friends and having play dates, Paula took all in her stride and supported, helped and player with her keeping her secure, loved and well looked after.  I feel that Paula truly loves children.  I also received very positive unsolicited feedback from teachers who led activities like her art class saying it is nice to see a nanny who is so engaged with the child and not always on her mobile phone.

Inge M
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Special Skills:
Experience of assisting first time mothers on maternity leave
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