About me

Caring and energetic with over 18 years experience. A passion for young children coupled with strong child development skills contribute to a happy and fulfilling child care environment, well-practiced at homework supervision and providing academic guidance. Able to prepare nutritious snacks and meals to meet children's dietary needs. Enthusiastic about organizing and participating in sporting, creative, social and educational activities with children. Excellent track record of effectively facilitating a busy schedule, including transportation, for the children. Demonstrated effectiveness in implementing appropriate discipline. Proven ability to efficiently assume complete responsibility for children, pets and home while parents away. Verified establishment of close and trusting relationships with employers.

References for Yolanda

I've known Yolanda for ten years and I'd definitely recommend her.  She is calm, intelligent, trustworthy, certainly dedicated to looking after our children.  She doesn't flap - she deals with things in a capable way and uses her initiative.  She's also capable of asking how we want to handle certain situations.  She's also very good at organising the children.  We had three children who were very close together, so it was like herding cats.  She was very good at organising activities for them and taking them to places and bringing them safely home.  I can't fault her at all!

Peter V

She is very friendly and very good with the kids - obviously she has kids of her own.  I would definitely recommend her.  She looked after my little one from the age of 3 and his sister from the age of about 7.  She would take them to play and read to them, looking after them at my place and sometimes at her place.  She goes the extra mile if need be.

Maria M
Other Certifications:
Homebased Childcare certificate Level 2
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):
New born