About me

I am French and I have been living in London for the past 3 years. I took English courses for the first six months and am currently fluent in English. I am a fully trained midwife with 2 years experiences. This qualification allows me to be competent with new born. Moreover, my clinical practice studies included nursery and kinder garden aged children. I also have experience babysitting children of two, four and six years old between 2005 and 2009. As a result of my clinical practice in neonatal and pediatrics, I am fully capable in providing health and safety to your children. Also I have 1 year experience as a live out nanny for an English family with a 5 years old child (girl) in Notting Hill.

I always loved take care of children and I am really enthusiast to provide physical and emotional support to infants, toddlers and preteens. I am able to prepare age-appropriate meals following specific schedules. I enjoy chaperoned outdoor excursions and am glad to pick up and drop children of at daycare centers and schools as well as accompanying children to doctors’ appointments if need be. I believe in having a structured day that gives children a stable schedule that they can become accustomed to. I am happy to help and support the parents in all ways that could further provide a stable and happy environment.

I am outgoing, relaxed and patient. I love to look after children as they are innocent and often they are truthful. I easily have a  good relation with children.

References for Emeline

She's very kind and gentle - definitely the best nanny we've ever had. Our daughter absolutely loved her. She's a really good nanny and a nice person. We've known her for eighteen months

Andrea M
Fluent English, Native French
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):
New borns