About me

I am a bubbly and funny babysitter. I have got experience as babysitter and solo charge nanny. I am flexible, adaptable and really interested in children's development.

References for Maria

She's a great personality, very smiley, bubbly and friendly.  But she can be assertive when she needs to be.  She shows great patience too - an absolutely superb personality whether it be with a parent of a child.  I have never seen her with an angry face - she's always smiling come what May.

Veronica S

I'd definitely take her back in a heartbeat - she worked with us for two years.  She's an outgoing, bubbly personality - she had a spark about her that came across when we interviewed her.  She certainly stands out from the norm.  I don't have anything negative to feedback about her, she's great!  

Kath M
Other Certifications:
Bachelor in Science of Nursing
English, Italian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):