About me

I am a nanny with over 7 years experience, friendly but firm when is needed . Full of energy , honest and trust worthy.working as a nanny i learnt how to be more patient, to be a good listener and to be able to manage multi tasking.Positive, caring and detail focused who anticipates family needs.

References for Elena

I've known her for four years.  She is very good.  What I like most about her is that she always finds something different to do with the children, not always doing the same thing.  She keeps them active and is a great team-leader.  I'd recommend her for sure.

Alina S

 Elena has been with me for the last 8-10 months.  She is very reliable, very reponsible and trustworthy.  And she's very friendly with the kids, so I'm completely happy with her - otherwise I wouldn't stay with her.

Nidhi S
Other Certifications:
English, Spanish, Romanian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):
New borns