About me

I am an enthusiastic, honest and patient person. I am a very reliable and approachable individual, who enjoys working with children. I like to take initiative and work with children to help them achieve their potential. I am always open to learn from the children and keep consistency with what is taught from the parents.

References for Vesselina

Vesselina is a lovely person. I've known her for over 15 years and she's looked after/babysat my children for over 10 years. She's very reliable, dependable and very, very honest. When my child was a baby, I would ONLY leave them with her and not anyone else. She always knew exactly what to do. She's very good - fun but quite strict. I'd 100% recommend her. She also drives and has a car.
Valerie A
I'd recommend Vesselina. She's very reliable, always punctual and very trustworthy. She's good with the kids and follows instructions. She has been looking after my kids since the youngest one was two. I can trust her completely with my two boys. I also like that she drives as well.
Rutie L
English, Bulgarian, Russian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):