About me

I am an extremely enthusiastic and motivated person with excellent communication skills. I have experience of working in a range of environments which has enabled me to work with a wide variety of people.  I can be flexible and adjust to any situation or environment.

References for Clair

I first met Clair when my daughter who was four, had neurological difficulties.  So for three years now I've known her and she's been very warm, caring and very good at communicating.  She's also very organised.  She was a lifeline for my daughter.  I have no doubts at all about her babysitting abilities.

Leanne O

Clair was childminder for my son about three years ago, for one year.  She's really lovely.  I haven't since found a better childminder.  She's very loving, nurturing, patient, calm.  I'd absolutely recommend her.

Annabel J
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):
New borns