About me

A highly motivated, open minded, confident Early Year’s Practitioner, who is willing to constantly learn new skills. Who believes that you can learn from all individuals that no matter their age. Who takes every opportunity I face as a learning experiences and tend to reflect upon situations that occur. I view myself as very creative, providing children with different creative and thought provoking experiences each day. Naturally extremely caring towards other individuals and have a very mature mind-set due to being responsible for younger siblings growing up and having to face difficult situations. A huge sense of emotional intelligence has developed over the years, now able to tolerate and deal with a range of personalities which is an important aspect of leadership. I have effective time management skills which has been proven from previous supervisory experience and continuing my studies and meeting tight deadlines. From an early age, I wanted a profession which would enable me to help children and young people. I’m fascinated with childhood development and Early Years. As I gain more quality professional experiences I would like to work with children who have SEN to enable them to reach their full potential and have the best start to their early education. I would also like to manage a nursery and spread my vision. I have always been passionate about working with children and young people, helping them overcome their difficulties as I like a challenge. I have recently come to an end of my degree in Early Childhood Studies. I believe that by enrolling in this course it has given me support, helping me to understand children just that little bit more. It is important to understand the theory behind Early Years Practice it can also help me progress to higher status and enable me to support each and every child’s individual needs.

References for Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a very lovely babysitter. She looked after my son at the nursery and later on babysat for us for over four years. She is very good with children, she's calm and friendly. She does her job very well and my son loved her. Cheyenne kept him entertained by going to parks, played inside the house and she even took him to the fair.

Anna R

Cheyenne worked at the nursery and managed the 2-3 room. The staff as well as the parents were delighted by her work and capabilities. She ensured guidelines were met and also managed the nursery in the absence of the Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager. She is very nice with children. She was key in their development as she organised all the activities tailored for each child based on their age and needs.

Onika E
Nursery room leader
Special Skills:
BA Honours in Early Childhood Studies Level 3 in Children and Young People Workforce Level 5 foundation degree in Early Childhood studies - Degree level AS levels in Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):