About me

I love working with children because it gives you some kind of insight into how a child enjoys the little things and are carefree. Something small like bubbles, paint or even just a bit of rain which, sometimes as an adult you forget to enjoy. It is a rewarding role to work with children as you see them create big steps in their development, which they cherish forever. From the first steps to kicking a ball to losing their baby teeth. I love seeing children grow, learn and play. I also love working children because you'll never have a dull day; it's always a new adventure, something different and I love being active and exploring the outdoors with little ones!

References for Sabrina

Sabrina worked with me at the nursery and she was beyond reliable. She has great time-keeping, punctual and is greatly motivated about working with children. She is outgoing and with lots of energy.  Under her care the children did a lot of outdoor activities and arts and crafts as she is very creative. Sabrina certainly knows how to keep them motivated.


Nicola O

Sabrina looked after children ages 6 and 7. Shewas first responsible for planning the activiites for the children, but due to her dedication and commitment, she became room leader. She is very good at planning and often did painting, focus for the month activities, interacting with the parents and at the end she looked after a range of age groups. She is bubbly, child friendly, soft, caring and builds natural relationship with parents and kids.

Tanya M
Other Certifications:
Level 2 qualification in Childcare
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):