About me

I'm outgoing, very patient and reliable. I adore children with a passion. I care for them as if they was my own and make them feel safe , secured and loved. I am aware of health and safety rules, I also enjoy assisting with learning and developing needs of children under care.

References for Paige

I've known her for over two years.  She's creative, lively, gets on with the kids, can be silly with the kids.  She's just a positive worker.  Her strength is that she's an easy person to talk to, a fantastic worker.

Jane M

She has looked after my two year-old for a little over a year now.  I'd definitely recommend her.  She's a very gentle, calm, extremely friendly and reassuring person.  She really makes children feel loved.  I imagine she would never raise her voice.  She plays well with my boy, takes them out and really helps out. 

Katja W
Other Certifications:
Safeguarding, Channel general awareness module
Childcare assistant
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):