About me

Hi, I'm Jurgita, early years educator/Montessori teacher, passionate mural artist/creator, city-dweller but nature lover, originally from Lithuania, currently based in Hampstead. I am by nature creative and positive person with a friendly, pleasant personality, possessing confidence and warmth. I get on with kids very easily and do enjoy the time spent with them. I help them in building their confidence and self-esteem through various daily-life/creative activities indoors and outdoors. I worked as an art teacher, volunteered in the children’s summer camps and looked after my little sister for many years as well as babysat few little ones (13months, 3, 6 and 7 years old). In my free time, I like to play board games, ride a bike, go for ice-skating or cook plant-based dinner.

I am an early years educator and mural artist, city-dweller but nature lover, creative and positive person. I have a friendly, pleasant personality, possessing confidence and warmth. I love to spend my free time playing board games, reading, working on my fine/decorative art projects, exercising or creating new healthy plant-based recipes in my kitchen.

As a Mural Artist and Montessori Early Years Educator, the word ‘exploration’ would be my favourite.

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She's very bubbly, fun, responsible and active.  She comes up with really good ideas and activities - connecting well with them.  She interacts very well with children and they interact well with her.  I met her through a personal recommendation a year ago and I'd definitely recommend her again for babysitting work.  

Dwayne P

She's great - any family that would employ her will be very lucky - she is adorable.  If you meet her for the first time, you fall in love with her.  As soon as she sees children, she engages very well with them.  She looked after my daughter for over one and a half years and I really appreciated the relationship we had with her over that time.  I would definitely recommend her.

Elena A
Other Certifications:
Diploma in Early Years Educator - Montessori Pedagogy (0-7years old) Level 4, Student - Psychology for Education
English, Lithuanian, Russian (basic)
Montessori Teacher, Early Years Educator, Mural Artist
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):