About me

I truly enjoy being around children, they give me great energy and relax me. I love spending time with them and doing creative and fun activities. I enjoy helping their development and seeing the different stages of their lives. I will always engage with them and make it an enjoyable experience.

References for Greta

Greta looked after 2 children for a year. She is very patient, creative and enjoys very much being around them. She normally took them to the park, watched cartoons cartoons, lego/building blocks, did a lot of drawing and they also prepared snacks. She is very considerate and knows how to keep them entertained, children and do not get bored with her.
Michaela M
Greta looked after my 2 children and we were very happy with her work. She is very sweet, a very hardworking girl and helped me a whole lot. Gretta came mainly during the day, but also during the weekends. She is creative and enjoyed doing certain things with the kids depending on their interest. She kept them busy and definitely engaged by doing puzzles, arts and crafts and many creative activities.
Martina G
Other Certifications:
Diploma of Art
English, Italian, Spanish
Special Skills:
Arts teacher
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):