About me

I am an experienced, organised, reliable nanny. I like to be very flexible with the parents. Children are my passion and I like to be active and keep them busy. I am a very happy person and like children to feel that when I am around them.

References for Jana

Jana looked after one child for over five years and she was very good. She connects well with kids and kids really have a great time with her. She is playful, energetic and confident. She saw our child grow and adapted the activiites accordingly. She did all the afterschool activiites, arranged play dates and took my child to parties when necessary.

Oyuna T

Jana worked for about a year with us. She is reliable, responsible and took her own initiative to get things done. She learned fairly quickly and I didn't have to be on er telling her what tho do. She really is a free-thinker and is absolutely fantastic. I have two kids and she had good contact with them.  She arranged playdates, took them to the play grounds and what I really liked was that she made sre they had something to do. Babysitting. She was very good with us and she even helped us when we moved abroad.

Caroline C
Other Certifications:
Child psychology, Child care and education
English, Portuguese
Special Skills:
Child psychology, Child care and education
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):