About me

I am very reliable, sensible, mature, calm, patient, caring and kind. I have extensive experience with children aged 0- 10. I have looked after multiple number of children as well as children with additional medical needs. I have a genuine interest in child development and I believe in continuous learning. After completing an NVQ I carried on learning, first towards a diploma, then a degree. I have also attended various other courses ( healthy eating, promoting speech development etc) throughout the years.

References for Julia

Julia has been with us for over two years. She first looked after my two girls and became a great help when my boy was born. She looked after him for 3 months. She is excellent and most importantly, always on time. She takes her job very seriously and we were very fortunate to have someone like her. She is brilliant! She baked, arranged play groups, went to the park and did crafts activities. She is genuine and quite incredible.
Sarah B
I had one child when Julia started with us and was also pregnant. Julia is very reliable, trustworthy and extremely responsible. She takes her job seriously. She is always training to learn more and in order to help the kids develop to their full potential. She has made this a career choice. She takes the kids outside to play, takes them to their activities and when they stay home she keeps them busy with activities.
Lily S
Other Certifications:
BA Honours in Childhood and Youth Studies
English, Hungarian
Special Skills:
Experienced with child with Type 1 diabetes, monitoring blood sugar levels and administering insulin shots
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):