About me

I am a fun and energetic person with all the time in the world for children. I am honest, realiable and trustworthy. I want parents to feel at ease when children are under my care. I am firm, but fair; always have time for games and fun but when it's time for homework or bed then I am on top of all family routines.

References for Nichalla

Nichalla looked after 2 kids for nearly 3 years. At first we thought we were taking a chance, but she was very reliable and beyond interactive with the children. We had sitters who literally came in and sat down, Nichalla on the other hand, is very easy to get comfortable with. She texted us throughout the time she was caring for them. She kept the kids busy by playing games, doing their homework, going out, but one thing I really liked was that she always checked with us first. The kids look forward to her looking after them.
Leon D
Nichalla looked after over 30 kids and was part of the team. She is a good worker, can trust her and she is very reliable. Normally she looked after the kids and at times divided them into groups and instructed activities to carry out. She handled them well. She is a great person with an incredible character. She did many 1-2-1 with the children as she also did homework clubs, group games, art work and other activiities.
Mick C
Other Certifications:
NVQ, Cache NVQ
Doctor's assistant
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):