About me

I'm a kind, friendly, easy-going and enthusiastic person. I love spending time with children.I hold a Masters degree in Tourism. I'm very active and enjoy running as well as yoga. I have a great passion for the arts. I am a piano player and I am currently studying West African dance and drumming. I also enjoy arts and crafts and am studying English embroidery.

References for Hanna

We had a very good experience with Hanna. She looked after our two boys (5 and 8) for few years and she picked them up from school, gave snacks, activities and helped me preparing dinner, arts and crafts as she is very artsy. Hanna is very nice, kind, smiley, pleasant to have around, positive and smooth with the kids. We had another sitter prior to Hanna and the transition was great and in no time my boys were used to Hanna. Hanna is nice and firm at the same time, but not authoritative, which is a good balance. One of the best thing is her ability to teach kids to be polite and leads by example.

Eva E

Hana is very bubbly, helpful, kind, enthusiastic and reliable. I have a 4 an 8 boys and they really get on well with her. She likes to make things for them, organises activities and plays games. She is an artist so they make lots of arts and crafts, plays board games, sits and read with them. One great activity they did was picking up leaves in the autumn and then they went to the library picked up a book and taught the kids the different types of leaves. It was a great learning experience.

Ruth M
English, Polish, French, Italian
Special Skills:
Pianist, African dance, Yoga
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):