About me

I have worked as a nanny and babysitter for 6 years and have looked after children of both genders within the ages of 9 months up to 7 years, including twins. I am a trustworthy and active person and very interested in helping people. Which is why I am currently studying counselling. I love animals and am very comfortable having pets around as well.

I also have experience with twin girls as well as twin boys. I currently look after 2.5 year-old twin boys and have been looking after them since they were 9 months old.  

References for Inese

Inese has worked for us as live-in nanny for the last 2 years. During that time her responsibilities were to care for our 3 girls who are currently aged 7, 4 and 4. Over this period she has proved to be punctual, dependable and reliable. Most importantly she has been an excellent guardian for the children.

She is able to impose discipline in a very measured and effective manner. At the same time she also stimulates the children during fun and playful activities. We think that handling 3 girls (including twins) between toddler and childhood is both physically and psychologically demanding. We have thus been very impressed with Inese's ability. 

Rachel G

lnese has been the nanny to our 2 children, an 18 month girl and 3 year old boy, for the past 7 months. The children love her and always seem to have a good time when she is around. They are happy to see her when she walks in the door in the morning, and regularly ask if lnese is coming today, or invite her to stay to eat dinner with us at the end of the day. lnese regularly cooks lunch for both children, while taking into account that our son has an allergy to dairy. She cleans after herelf and regularly helps with making our small kitchen cleaner than the way it was left.

Her duties have been varied and informal: she often dresses both children, brushes hair and teeth, picks up from nursery, takes the children to the park, playground, libraries, or stay and play groups. lnese managed to potty train my older child, where both his nursery teacher and parents failed.

She takes the children out to various activities every day that she works. While our younger child has a nap, she works on writing letters and numbers with our son and has even supplied him with workbooks and learning tools.

Anne B
English, Latvian
Youngest child cared for in sole charge (months):